Online Casino Craps Betting Explained

In terms of pure variety and exotic betting options – the game of craps is extremely hard to match; just surf to a pay table at a online casino to see what I’m talking about. After all, we have a large number of craps bets including Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come Bet, Don’t Come, Double Odds, Place 6 and 8….and so on! However, while it’s undeniably great fun playing all the craps bets on offer – there is a problem – the craps odds are geared in the favour of the online casino. However, it’s not all bad news – in fact by selecting the right wagers – craps gaming becomes one of the casino’s very best betting environments. Step this way to see the bets for craps success……..

Limit the house edge – boost your craps chance

Craps offers so many betting options that the game can end-up thrilling you in to placing high odds bets in search of big rewards – but this strategy also means you end-up battling against a pretty big disadvantage (and you need big luck to make it regularly pay). In fact, the worst craps bets have a casino advantage as high as 16% – and I’m sure they no longer seem so enticing?

Now, by all means have fun playing the ‘craps lotto’ – or alternatively wise-up and find the wagers where you have a real chance of winning regularly; this slashes your betting options but streamlines the game into a logical environment…..

Low-edge Craps Bet House edge
Pass Line 1.41%
Don’t Pass Line 1.36%
Come Bet 1.41%
Don’t Come 1.36%
Pass Line + Double Odds 0.68%
Don’t Pass Line + Double Odds 0.46%
Come Bet + Double Odds 0.61%
Don’t Come + Double Odds 0.46%
Place 6/8 1.52

Check the table above and you’ll see that the biggest edge to the casino is just 1.53% – a value that fall to under 0.5% with the best best! So, by simply knowing the craps bets, you instantly create a good platform for success; focus on these bets exclusively!

Odds wagers are the real gems of craps, because they seriously chip away at the casino edge. Big time casinos in places like Las Vegas have been known to offer odds betting options as big as x100 your stake – for extreme risks and rewards. The higher the odds bets offered, the lower the edge for the craps casino. Online casinos offer relatively low odds bet levels, but they are still one of the very finest betting options online.

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